For borrowers or properties that cannot qualify for conventional type financing, Pinnacle Mortgage Company offers commercial hard money loans for a wide range of commercial/income producing properties in the State of Texas.  Pinnacle Mortgage Company is a hard money lender and does not typically broker these type loans except on a very limited basis.  Our underwriting criteria is less stringent than regular banks.  We offer faster processing times.  We have the ability to work with foreign nationals.  We also offer loans to individuals with credit issues, as our focus is on the property’s cash flow and the value of the collateral.  We can allow sellers to take a second lien, and also will allow borrowers to provide additional collateral in lieu of a cash down payment.  General loan parameters are outlined below:

Property Type

  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Mobilehome and RV Parks
  • Storage facilities
  • Apartments
  • Industrial
  • SFR Investment Properties – (No owner/occupied-consumer loans)
  • Most Commercial Property Types

Hard Money Loans in Houston Texas
Loan Amounts $25,000 – $3,000,000
Term 3 to 30 years
Amortization 25-30 year amortization
LTV Up to 70% for purchase 65% for rehab/refinance loan
Rate 11% -18%
Points 2-5

Above terms will vary depending upon the underlying collateral, borrower’s ability and inclination to repay their financial obligations, and the amount of documentation they are willing and able to supply.